Episode #6 – Animals

      Episode #6 - Animals

After a really long break, a return with a (sober) show on the topic of Animals. Some of my favourite animal related songs, even if the links are tenuous… there’s no related drinks this time, but there will be more animal songs in a future episode so we’ll save them for that. Also I’ll try to balance things up by doing a really drunken episode in future to main the equilibrium.

It was interesting getting back into making the show, so I’m going to try and be more regular… watch this space!


Episode #5 – Friends and Family

      Episode #5 - Friends and Family

After a little holiday break for a few weeks turned into a few months, there is some catching up to do… Some of this episode was recorded last year so it was interesting to go back through it, we have a bit of Scottish nostalgia and the usual eclectic mixture as well as a song for David Bowie which was originally in the show before it took so long for me to get round to getting it finished.

Hopefully things will be a bit more regular from now on, the theme for the next show is ‘animals’.


Episode #4 – School

      Episode #4 - School

We start this week’s show with the soundtrack to an erotic film, some grammar lessons and it ends with the most fabulous disco song you’ve (n)ever heard. The theme this week is school- so songs that are connected to school and what we did there. I am looking into a way of listing out the tracklistings for each episode so that it is easier to find songs if you like them. The theme for next week’s show is ‘family’.


Episode #3 – Travel

      Episode #3 - Travel

In the show this week, it’s songs or bands related to the theme of travel! Planes, cars, boats, trains and rambling! There are some  gems in this week’s show, a few songs that stayed under the radar and never made it big. Also some great advice for people thinking of getting married to someone who works in rail based transportation! Also I’m going to start telling you what next week’s episode is going to be at the end of each show so that you can send in any suggestions! Enjoy!


Episode #2 – Employment

      Episode #2 - Employment

This week’s show is about working for the man! Roughly based around employment, a wild eclectic run through some greats and hidden gems, as well as a weird and wonderful collection of career based songs.


Episode #1 – Love

      Episode #1 - Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! here is a musical treat to kick off the first show of Drunken Radio with, an eclectic mixture of music. It’s really a pilot of the show, I need to get some new equipment and make a real jingle, but suggestions are welcome! Listen to the show to get the email address.

Each week there will be some drinking and spinning tunes, with a vague theme to bind them together.

Also look out for “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”, “poetry of pop” and the best of the lesser hits by the big bands. As well as our weekly song about drinking.